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Research Laboratory ZPHiU Witold Ploszczyca the date of 04.13.2014 was accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation Certificate No. AB 1508 and operates in accordance with the implemented menagement system according to PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.
It has a management and technical personnel with the competence necessary to provide measurement and improvement Management System, allowing for the achievement of quality objectives contained in the Quality Policy, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The measurements are conducted in a controlled environment on a machine Optiv Classic 453 Hexagon Metrology.
The machine is equipped with a head Vision CCD camera with high resolution and variable lighting for the measurement of complex surfaces and edges innovative method switcher and touch probe to measure the contact method.

As part of the accreditation of testing laboratory provides services in the field of measurement:

Spatial geometric measurements (length, angle) by coordination with or without the use of mathematical models from CAD

Method of contact

  • linear dimensions: outside thread, internal and mixed intermediate range up to 420 mm,

  • angular dimensions in the range (0 ÷ 360)°.

Measurements deviations of form and position by coordination with or without the use of mathematical models of CAD systems.

Method of contact

  • on the line in the range of up to 420 mm

  • flatness of the surface to a range of (320x420) mm

  • roundness diameter in the range up to 320 mm

  • cylindricity to diameter of 320 mm the length of the second range up to 280 mm

  • parallel perpendicular position in the field: up to 420 mm

  • concentricity range of up to 320 mm

  • symmetry

The maximum load on the test bench: 60 kg.

The laboratory also performs measurements outside of accreditation:

  • on the measuring machine by visionary (covered by the management system)

  • on hardness testing machine INNOVATEST type CV-700 hardness measurements methods Rocwella, Vickers and Brinell (outside the management system).

For measurements, please contact the following telephone numbers:

48 33 873 12 72 w. 14
+48 33 488 36 72 w. 14

or via e-mail by writing to:

We are plased to inform you that we are realizing the project "Increasing the efficiency and quality of production of components for the production of energy from renewable sources"
from the Regional Operational Program of the Malopolska Region for the years 2014-2020 co-financed by the European Union

Program Regionalny Narodowa Strategia Spójności
Unia Europejska Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego
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