Used technologies

Photo waterjeta


The machining of materials such as steel, non-ferrous metals (e.g. copper, aluminium), stone, glass, ceramics, titan, and composite materials by means of a waterjet cutter to an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Working area: 3,000 mm x 1,500 mm

Maximum thickness of cut material: 150 mm

Photo bending

Hydraulic Press Brake

Bending metal parts on CNC press brake.

The maximum width of 2500 mm bending, pressure 100 tons.

Photo plotter

Milling Plotter CNC

Machining on a CNC milling plotter in 2D and 3D from aluminium, wood, plastics and composite materials.

Mounting of a workpiece to be machined is by means of a vacuum pump.

Working space: 2000x1400x300 mm.

Photo wire erosion machine CNC

Wire Erosion Machine CNC

Cutting out of pressed components and others with any pre-programmed shape. Maximum dimensions of a workpiece cut: 100x120x100 mm.

Photo presses

Eccentric Presses

Punching, bending and pressing of elements from sheet steel, copper, brass and aluminium by means of the eccentric presses with a capacity of 5 to 63 tonnes.

Photo lathe

Universal Lathe

Machining of the workpieces with a diameter up to 80 mm and a length of up to 200 mm on an engine lathe.

Photo welding


MAG, MIG and TIG welding of steel and aluminium elements.

Photo heat treatment

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment in a chamber furnace.

Photo hudraulic punching machines

Hydraulic Punching-Shearing Machines

Cutting and punching with pressure up to 250 tons.

Photo milling

Milling Machines

Machining of small-sized workpieces on a universal milling machine.

Photo griding machine

Cylindrical Griding Machine

Length of grinding for rollers - 500 mm.

For small cornets diameter of the grinding from 10 - 40 mm

Depth of the grinding - 50 mm

Photo vibrator finishing

Vibrator Finishing & Tumbling

Cleaning and deburring of steel aluminum and copper elements.

Photo guillotine

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

Cutting of up to 10 mm thick and up 3000 mm wide steel, copper, and aluminium sheets with the plate.

Photo drills and threading

Drills and Threading Machines

Drilling and threading holes on threading machines to a maximum to M8.

Photo band saw

Band Saw

Bar and profiles cutting on a band-saw up to a maximum size of 120 mm.

Photo surface grinder

Surface Grinder

Grinding of the workpieces on a surface grinding machine. Table dimensions: 200x500 mm.

Photo shot blasting

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting manual elements in the chamber of the working dimensions 1400x1230x800 mm.